Installation works. Construction of passive houses.

We design and install ventilation systems and heating and plumbing solutions.


Design and construction of heating systems

We design the best solutions for keeping your rooms warm efficiently.

Design and construction of indoors plumbing solutions

Water from the tap must be hot and clean, and the waste water system must work efficiently.

Design and construction of ventilation and cooling solutions

The right and properly installed ventilation system ensures a healthy living environment with fresh air.

We also repair, service and renovate existing systems.

Why choose our services?

  •  A house has to last for generations. Quality is of the utmost importance to us, as it is what ensures the long life of the house.
  •  We do not design or offer cheap solutions; ours are long-lasting and help reduce your costs in the future.
  •  When you choose us for your installation works, we will guarantee the best possible solution and a great living environment.
  •  Our long-term experience ensures the efficiency of our solutions.
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